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Inteligent THz instrumentation and metrology

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1. THz technology
2. Asynchrnous optical sampling (ASOPS)
2-1. ASOPS THz time-domain spectroscopy (ASOPS-THz-TDS) Ti:S /Er:F X
2-2. Time-of-flight impulse ranging X X
3.THz comb
3-1. THz frequency metrology based on THz comb X X
3-2. Multi-frequency-heterodyning THz comb spectroscopy X X
3-3. THz spectrum analyzer Ti:S /Er:F X
3-4. CW-THz ranging
3-5. Dual THz comb spectroscopy X X
3-6. Gapless THz comb spectroscopy
4.Optical comb
4-1. THz synthesizer X / XX X
5. Real-time THz imaging of moving objects
5-1. 2D spatio-temporal imaging X
5-2. Real-time THz tomography X X
5-3. THz color scanner X X
5-4. THz computed tomography 2D / 3D 2D / 3D
6. THz applications
6-1. THz paintmeter Exp. /Anal. X
6-2. Water content in dry foods X X
6-3. Skin measurement
6-4. Biomedical applications of THz color scanner X X
6-5. Gas analsys using ASOPS-THz-TDS X X
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Collagen-sensitive second-harmonic-generation microscopy

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1. Collagen-sensitive SHG microscopy X X
2. Polarization-resolved SHG microscopy
2-1. Collagen orientation X1 X2 X3 X
  2-2. Polarization-modulated SHG microscopy
3. Dermatological application
  3-1. Assessment of skin aging in human skin X X
  3-2. Relation between wrinkling direction and collagen orientation in photoaged skin X X
  3-3. Burn assessment X X
  3-4. Monitoring of healing process of skin burn
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Laser Source

  1. Femtosecond mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser oscillator (TiF-Kit-100, AVESTA PROJECT)
  2. Femtosecond mode-locked Ti:Sapphore laser regenerative amplifier (Hurricane, SpectraPhysics)
  3. Ultrashort femtosecond mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser oscillator (Femtosource Scientific Pro, Femtolasers)
  4. Femtosecond mode-locked Cr:Forsterite laser oscillator (CrF-65P, AVESTA PROJECT)
  5. Repetition-rate-stabilized, mode-locked Er:Fiber laser oscillator and amplifier (Lab-made, in collaboration with AIST)
  6. Stabilized, dual mode-locked Er:Fiber laser oscillator and amplifier (ASOPS TWIN 250 with P250, Menlo Systems)
  7. THz qunatum cascade laser (Easy QCL, Longwave Photonics)
  8. Sub-THz frequency multiplier chain (AMC-10-R0000, Millitech)
  9. Frequency-stabilized CO2 laser (ML3832, MPB)
  10. Zeeman stabilized He-Ne laser (MOC-, Micro Optics)

Optical Instruments

Electrical Instruments

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